‘In the Margins’ is a project created by a group of journalism students from Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication. The students involved took a course called Solutions Journalism: Covering Addiction, through which they spent a full semester reporting on addiction and recovery solutions in Philadelphia.

Editorial Staff

Faculty Editor: Jillian Bauer-Reese
Jillian Bauer-Reese is an assistant professor of journalism in the Klein College of Media of Communication at Temple University where she teaches courses in design, data journalism, community engagement, and solutions-driven reporting. Her creative work most often focuses on drugs, addiction, harm reduction, and recovery. She is also the creator and editor of Kensington Voice, a community-driven newsroom in Philadelphia’s Kensington neighborhood. Connect with her today at  jbr@temple.edu or @thesmallpicture.

Lead Copy Editor: Lila “Maddie” McDermott
Lila is originally from Montgomery County, MD, where she earned her associate degree from Montgomery College before transferring to Temple University in 2017. She is excited to spend the final semester of her undergraduate degree taking on more meaningful projects and delving into the world of solutions journalism. Upon completion of her undergraduate degree, she plans to pursue a degree in law with a concentration in human rights and immigration.

Assistant Copy Editor: Caitlin McCafferty
Caitlin McCafferty is a junior journalism major at Temple University.  She hopes to graduate and write for a magazine somewhere in a big city. As someone who has seen how horrible addiction can be, she is hoping that through this project that she can gain better skills on reporting addiction for any future stories she has to write about that involve addiction. Seeing how addiction has hurt people in Caitlin’s life, she also hopes that this can create a sense of understanding so people struggling can come to Caitlin and they can tackle their addiction together in a safe way.

Multimedia Editor: Lake Stein
Lake Stein is a senior at Temple University and is studying print journalism and photography. In her journalism, she has authored stories that primarily focus on the issues facing women and communities of color. These pieces have included exclusive interviews she conducted with Ta-Nehisi Coates and Ibram X. Kendi, both recipients of the National Book Award for Nonfiction. Lake’s interest in photography was sparked when she was living in the Grand Teton National Park during the summer following her sophomore year of college. Through photography courses taken at Tyler School of Art, Lake was able to develop her film photography skills.

Motivated by her passion for photography, Lake studied in Los Angeles her junior year of college and interned for photographer Joe Schmelzer. During her time assisting Schmelzer, Lake worked on sets that included Tommy Bahama, the Wall Street Journal, and One Kings Lane. Lake has since traveled to Arizona to take stills for short-film Las Lobitas Los Angeles. Now in Philadelphia, Lake is currently a photography intern at Public Interest Network Creative, an organization that produces media content for non-profits like PennEnvironment and Clean Water Action.

Design Editor: Claire Halloran
Claire Halloran is a senior studying journalism, with a focus on data, at Temple University. She currently works as the design editor at The Temple News, Temple’s award-winning, independently run newspaper. She is passionate about animal rescue, visual arts, and matcha tea.

Community Engagement Editor: Zari Tarazona
Zari Tarazona is a senior journalism student at Temple University. Zari joined The Temple News, the university’s student-run newspaper, as the deputy features editor this school year. She enjoys reporting on community and social-impact stories, especially ones that affect marginalized communities. It is the main reason she pursued a career in journalism.

Zari signed up for Solutions Journalism: Covering Addiction to learn the issues and reporting ethics related to the subject. She’ll use what she learns in the class to help her speak to individuals and families who want to share their stories. In this class, Zari hopes to cover a topic that isn’t often reported on by the media in Philadelphia.

Facebook Editor: Jackie Minnis
Jackie Minnis is a senior journalism major graduating in May 2019 who hopes to one day pursue a career in broadcast journalism. She wants to work in the entertainment industry and eventually host her own talk show. Right now, she works with The Temple News where she works as their diversity opinion beat writer. She is also the secretary and social media director on Temple’s gymnastics club team’s executive board. Jackie also likes creating and designing publications after taking a few design courses throughout her education at Temple. After graduation, Jackie hopes to either have a paid internship, a full-time job, or the opportunity to take a year off to teach English abroad.

Instagram Editor: Brittany Valentine
**Trigger Warning: Self-harm
Brittany Valentine is 26 years old and a senior journalism major who will graduate in May 2020. She transferred from community college after attending a university in New Jersey for two years where she studied philosophy and received an associate’s degree in health and physical education. She has worked as a personal trainer, a salesperson at a few health food stores, and currently works as a cashier and host at a pizza restaurant. She also has a social media internship with Women Organized Against Rape in Center City.

She chose to work towards a bachelor’s in journalism because she has always loved writing and grew up with an affinity for reading magazines. She is unsure what she wants to do after she graduates, but ideally, she would love to write books, whether it be poetry collections, social justice nonfiction or journalism about human rights issues that need more attention. She would also love to be a speaker of some sort, motivational or educational, or preferably both.  

She is also currently one year free of self-harm, specifically cutting and slamming my head against walls. She has also been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and ADHD, and is on medication and goes to therapy regularly. Her Instagram username is @recoveryspirit because for most of her twenties have been devoted to understanding what recovery means, and how to maintain it long-term. She realizes it is still vastly different than substance use disorder, but she likes to think she can empathize with the concept of being at war with oneself, and feeling out of control. She has also witnessed many people in her family go through addiction, and she finds it extremely frustrating and disheartening to hear the language used by her family members to describe both the act of using drugs and the people themselves. She has a very basic, and truly limited understanding of addiction, recovery and the ethical ways to report on these issues, and she wants to change that. She believes that everyone deserves to be loved and have a chance to heal. 

Twitter Editor: Diana Cristancho
Diana Cristancho is a junior journalism major at Temple University who will graduate in December 2019. 

Photographer: Julia Boyd
Julia Boyd is a junior journalism major at Temple with a concentration in multimedia. She has previously written for the Temple News and hopes to pursue a career in publication design and social media marketing. Julia is excited to cover this topic in journalism throughout the semester and is eager to report on such an important issue. When she isn’t writing or creating digital content, she can be found browsing antique stores or searching for the perfect cup of coffee. She can be reached at julia.boyd@temple.edu or through Twitter @JuliaKBoyd.

Photographer: Colleen Claggett
Colleen Claggett is an undergraduate student at Temple University’s Klein College of Media and Communication. She is actively pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree in communication studies, and a minor in journalism studies. Colleen’s main interest lies in photojournalism, and she aims to pursue a career in the field upon graduation in the spring of 2021. When she is not behind the camera, Colleen enjoys spending time with her friends, family, and mutt named Deuce. To see Colleen’s work, follow her @colleenclaggett on Instagram.

Photographer: Emma Goldhaber
Emma Goldhaber is a junior journalism major at Temple University. She earned two associates degrees from Allegany College of Maryland before transferring to Temple. She currently freelances as a photographer and videographer, as well as being a freelance writer for The Temple News.

Emma has a passion for writing and telling people’s stories through a combination of literary and visual storytelling. She’s very interested in solutions journalism and is looking forward to learning how to report with better empathy and accuracy. Contact Emma at emma.goldhaber@temple.edu.

Photographer: McKenzie Morgan
McKenzie is a sophomore journalism major at Temple University. So far she has focused most of her journalistic career on music working as a radio host for the university’s radio station, WHIP. She also freelances for various music magazines, such as The Spill and Indie Is Not A Genre. She was also featured on Sandy Joy Weston’s four part podcast, Let’s Keep It Real: Campus Style. When she’s not working on any of these things, she’s probably at home binge watching crime documentaries or at the gym.

Photographer: Solmaira Valerio
Solmaira Valerio is a photographer based in Philadelphia. She is a first-generation college student who studied photography at Community College of Philadelphia and is currently a journalism major with a psychology minor at Temple University. 

Solmaira spent three years volunteering for an organization called Youth United For Change. They are a democratic organization that is mainly made up of working class youth of color. The goal of the organization is to hold the government and school officials accountable to guarantee Philadelphia public students their educational rights. Solmaira has organized protests and campaigns that were geared towards policy-making that made the front page of Al Dia and Metro newspapers. Since then she has traveled to underrepresented communities in the Dominican Republic and Thailand, where she expanded her photojournalism portfolio.

In 2017,  Solmaira was awarded the Vision Graphics Fine Art Photography Award from the Community College of Philadelphia.

Zine Editor: Mackenzie Gasper
Mackenzie Gasper is a photojournalist based in South Philadelphia. She received an associates degree in journalism from Luzerne County Community College and is currently a senior at Temple University. When she’s not in class, she can be found covering live music events for Rock on Philly, and working with various social media accounts including Urban Outfitters Philadelphia. Growing up in Wilkes-Barre, PA, Mackenzie realizes the importance of working with community members and hopes to continue to use her platform to convey the value of compassion, arts and understanding after graduation.